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Interior Design,
Commerical and industrial design,
Custom cars, and motorcycles

At Designs by Kaveh we help create your desert lifestyle. No task is too large from custom home interiors and architecture, to industrial and auto design, we make the desert lifestyle a reality. Our world famous body of work is a reflection of the spirit and refinement established by Kaveh Daryaie. A design by Kaveh is for the individual with discriminating taste and progressive thinking. Website is under construction!


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Interior Design

Kaveh Daryaies projects have spanned the globe. This diverse international influence is mirrored in his work of refined desert living. Each project is a one of a kind interior designed by Kaveh.


We specialize in Commerical design and our most recent works include The Woldorf Astorias La Quinta resort(Havana Club, Lollipops, The Spa, Adobe Grill, Audrys Boutique...etc) and The Stone Haus Winery at the Westlake Village Inn


We handle every facet of your desert lifestyle, including the cars you drive. The award winning stylings of Kaveh Daryaie allow you to bring the desert lifestyle with you wherever you go. Specialzing in Automobiles, Motorcycles, Yatchs, Boats, and Planes...we can handle anything you would like to make your own!

Latest Works

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Open Skyy Cigar Lounge

A Upcoming Cigar and Bar Lounge

Stone Haus Winery

A winery in Westlake Village

A Clients personal Residence

One of our meny new projects

Home Theater

One of our personal Home Theaters